A day to celebrate, enjoy and appreciate our beautiful planet. This year’s theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet’ to encourage us all to take positive steps towards thinking and acting in a more sustainable way to support Earth’s health and wellbeing.

Being amongst nature, be it, in our gardens and/or exploring the countryside has been proven to make us feel better. We need our planet more than it needs us and that’s why we all have a responsibility to each take steps however big or small to look after it.

When contemplating purchasing a garden room/building or extending/upgrading leisure park facilities and want eco and sustainable options, here are 4 to consider.

Ground Screw base as an alternative to a concrete base
An eco alternative to a concrete base is to use ground screws which can be unscrewed out of the ground and reused at any point in the distant future.

Insulated Panels for optimal thermal efficiencies
Using Structurally Insulated Panels or SIPs as they are also known, give a building optimal thermal efficiency, an eco alternative to timber or metal frame buildings. This then saves on heating and cooling to help the environment and it also saves on bills.

Our unique modular componentry design minimises waste
We design each building from our unique componentry so that our SIP panel buildings produce minimal waste.

Speed of assembly
There is less need for large teams of people for days on end constructing an outside building. Instead,construction of a typical building can take a team of 2/3 up to 4 days to complete the outer structure. This contributes to reduced travel emissions and your carbon footprint.

We at Outerspace Group are proud that our buildings can help ‘Invest in Our Planet’. We hope you have a Happy Earth Day and find time to enjoy nature and your surroundings today and beyond.

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