From years of personal experience, there is one tip for successful home working that for me, rules them all…

And that tip is…

The correct mindset.

Mindset will give you a good foundation to complete any mission, even if your mission was to chuck a ring into the fires of mount doom. But enough about Lord of the Rings and back to a task much closer to home. So how do you enter into the right mindset when needing to work from home? It’s all about your work setting.

Where should you go to get into the right work mindset?

Firstly, working from home will always be challenging for anyone’s mindset. With all the best intentions, if you’re working at the kitchen table you’re constantly thinking about what’s in the fridge, what time lunch is and when you’re due the next cuppa. (or is that just me?)

Secondly, working in a separate room is better for mindset but the mind wanders off into thinking what you’d really like to do with the room, then you look out of the window to see there’s a bit of a drama emerging next door but one, so you want to see what that’s all about. (or is that just me?)

And thirdly, working away from the house in a small space outside proved even better again. Procrastination decreases significantly, however, there’s a different problem… If you’re sitting at a desk in a poorly insulated space, above all, all you think about is how cold it is. (or is that just me?)

So you’ve tried it all… Where is the best setting?

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden and an outside area to place an outside office building (spacesaver office or garden room, or integrate both) you’ll have the freedom to create a haven for your working mind, watch your productivity soar and be in control from there on…

Achieve the correct mindset with your perfect setting…

Mindset is everything. Good luck with your home working journey. The Covid-19 pandemic might have changed how we all work in the future, home-working has become preferable to many businesses that never considered it an option before. It may be here to stay.

In conclusion, a solution to a positive home working experience is within reach with flexible options for design and delivery.

Our eco-friendly buildings are structurally insulated making them highly energy-efficient and soundproof. We use the best quality materials to guarantee building longevity, low maintenance and enjoyment for many years to come.