We’re bursting with excitement! We’re celebrating that we have officially earned the prestigious FSC® certification, planting a giant seed of sustainability for generations to come.

What does that mean? Well, every building kit whispers a story of responsible forestry. With FSC® certification by our side, we commit to sourcing wood from:

  • Traceable, sustainable forests: Every tree gets a high-five and a hug, ensuring responsible management and healthy ecosystems.
  • Ethically approved sources: No sneaky tree-napping here! Just clean, green practices that respect our planet and its furry (and feathered) residents.

This isn’t just a fancy certificate hanging on our wall; it’s a promise etched in the heartwood of every SIP building kit we produce. Choosing Outerspace means stepping into a world where sustainability and stunning design move as one. ✨

Why It Matters

Our hearts beat green at Outerspace, and earning the prestigious FSC® certification isn’t just a feather in our eco-conscious cap, it’s a megaphone proclaiming our dedication to sustainability. But we don’t stop at sourcing responsibly; we weave sustainability into the very fabric of our SIP building kits.

Beyond Insulation Excellence: Our SIP panels boast superior insulation, lowering energy needs and shrinking footprints. But we also meticulously crafted our SIP kits with an eye on minimising waste – every panel piece finds its purpose, reducing production scraps to a whisper.

Want to delve deeper into FSC®? Let their story inspire yours: https://fsc.org/en/about-us