As the clouds moved aside and the stars twinkled in the night sky, the Green Expo Awards shone as a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. 

The 2023 award for ‘Innovation in the Built Environment’ was the prize we hoped to claim, but simply being nominated was an honour in itself.

Dressed in our best, the Outerspace team exuded confidence and humility as we made our way to the ceremony which was held at the prestigious Duke of Westminster estate, in Ecclestone, Chester on the 9th November 2023.

With a glass of bubbly in hand we stepped foot into the Long room, adorned with shimmering lights and vibrant greenery, we felt a sense of pride and gratitude. The journey to this moment had been one of dedication and commitment to our mission.

The evening unfolded with grace and elegance and when the moment arrived to announce the winner of the ‘Innovation in the Built Environment’ award, we shut one eye and held our breath.

When our name was called, a wave of joy came over us. This recognition was a testament to our commitment to creating a world where sustainability and innovation harmoniously coexist. Our team’s tireless efforts had not gone unnoticed, and we were deeply grateful for the acknowledgment of our mission to ‘make a world of difference, one space at a time’.

A fantastic achievement by the whole team.