In a recent episode of Challenge Anneka, Anneka and her team took on the monumental task of transforming a barren plot at Age UK’s HQ in Wirral into a remarkable “memory village” for individuals suffering from dementia. This project holds a special place in our hearts at Outerspace Group, as it aligns with our mission to make a real difference in people’s lives. In collaboration with Swift Organisation, an Outerspace Group customer, we supplied the SIP building kits to create various facilities within the memory village. This article delves into the progress of the project, the role of SIP building kits, and the dedicated volunteers involved.

Progress with SIP Building Kits

We were approached with a unique challenge: to supply a SIP building kit for Age UK Wirral’s dementia village. SIP panels, short for Structural Insulated Panels, were the perfect choice for this project due to their quick construction speed and energy efficiency. The floors, walls, and roof of the memory village’s buildings were all made from highly insulated SIP panels.

To meet the time constraints of the project, the SIP panels were prefabricated at our base in Wrexham and then delivered directly to the site as a complete building kit. This efficient process ensured that the external structure of the buildings could be constructed rapidly, allowing the project to progress smoothly.

The Role of Volunteers

The success of the memory village project relied heavily on the dedicated work of the army of volunteers. Swift Organisation, a valued customer of ours, played a pivotal role in coordinating not only the construction of the buildings but the efforts of a collective of volunteers. Together, they worked tirelessly to bring the memory village to life.

The volunteers, inspired by the cause, poured their heart and soul into the construction of the various facilities within the village. Their hard work and commitment were truly incredible, and their efforts created a space that individuals with dementia could enjoy. The memory village consists of a pub, cafe, cinema, record shop, bakers, and post office. It’s truly somewhere people can feel safe, reminisce and bring back memories of days gone by. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this project and we look forward to taking on more challenges that inspire us to continue on our mission, to make a world of difference, one space at a time.


The Challenge Anneka special episode featuring the creation of a memory village for individuals with dementia at Age UK’s Wirral HQ showcases the power of collaboration, dedication, and innovative building solutions. Our SIP building kits played a crucial role in the rapid construction of the village’s facilities. Combined with the efforts of an army of volunteers, the memory village now stands as a testament to the importance of creating safe and nostalgic spaces for individuals with dementia.

By embracing projects that have a profound impact on people’s lives, we continue to fulfil our mission of making a real difference in the world. As Challenge Anneka brings attention to these inspiring endeavours, the hope is that more individuals and organisations will join the cause to improve the lives of those living with dementia.

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