With daylight in short supply, nippy nights in full swing and the cold British weather taking its toll on our mind, body and soul we find ourselves daydreaming of those warm summer evenings.

However, we have a few treats up our sleeve to soothe the senses in these darker months.

Whether you’re planning on resting in your lounge or nestling in your garden room, here are 6 top tips for comfy cosy evenings whatever your dwelling.

#1 Sight

Dim the lights. Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere with low ambient lighting.
Automating and adjusting mood lighting from a smart device can make perfecting that warm cosy glow easier and stop you from becoming a yo-yo.

#2 Sound

Inject warmth using sound to suit the mood and the evenings’ activities. Use the flickers and crackles of a bamboo wick candle to warm the cockles of your heart (perfect when reading).
Set any scene by using volume to personal preferences when playing your favourite playlist or enjoying a movie night.

#3 Smell

With the lighting low, light different height candles and tealights (only one or two with a scent) for a subtle aroma. Always check candles are in a safe place to burn and never leave them burning when you’re not in the room for long periods of time.

#4 Taste

Pick a tasty treat. Settle down from a busy day with a well-earned treat. Sit in your favourite cosy spot with a hot chocolate, Horlicks or hot milk to warm you up and wind you down.

#5 Touch

Retain an ambient temperature. A poorly insulated room can cool down pretty quickly in the winter months. Avoid this by ensuring you have good insulation. It will make a significant difference in retaining your heat. This coupled with smart heating solutions such as ‘hive’ or ‘google hub’ help control your settings for energy-efficient cosy nights in.

#6 The Sixth Sense

This extrasensory perception is achieved when we connect with that feeling like there is ‘magic in the air’. This is our favourite sense because it uses all 5 senses together to create something extraordinary. It’s something money can’t buy. It’s something you can’t see, you feel.

In conclusion, we bid you farewell and wish you all the best in creating your ultimate cosy nights in. Enjoy the woolly jumpers, big comfy pants and drinks from your favourite mug.

Our garden room buildings (in fact, all our buildings) are structurally insulated, making them heat efficient and eco-friendly – perfect for use all year round.