Outerspace Group is an award winner within BUILD Magazine’s 2022 Design & Build Awards

As one of Britain’s best producers, it is clear to see why this innovative manufacturer has exploded throughout the market. Breathing sustainability, life, and magic into everything it does, Outerspace Group (Outerspace) has won the prestigious accolade of Best Luxury Sustainable Outdoor Buildings Manufacturer 2022. Here we look closer at the work it does for its clients.

Build Magazine

As a British SIP (structural insulated panel) kit manufacturer, based in Wrexham, Outerspace Group (Outerspace) is forever altering our perception of opulent, luxury living. Its work is extremely enviable and in high demand – especially as we head towards a more sustainable world. Outerspace “respects the environment” and is “persistent in looking for ways to improve” its ongoing mission of preserving the planet. It does this by reducing our carbon footprint and helping us to use eco-friendly materials that will last a lifetime.

Founded over two years ago, and with prominent investment from Bridgemere UK, Outerspace has quickly skyrocketed to success. Not only does it offer eco-friendly, sustainability-driven buildings, but it provides buildings that have been created with lavish living in mind.

SIP kits are created from a layer polyurethane that is injected between two sheets of 11mm OSB3 board. Its panel sizes range from 72mm up to 200mm, making its SIP kits even more desirable. Providing a myriad of sizes, Outerspace ensures a fully customisable and easy plan to come to life.

SIPs are an incredibly eco building material that guarantees a strong structure for roofs, floors, and walls. No matter what you’re building, Outerspace has a revolutionary solution for you. Made in the UK, its kits include fixings, adhesives, assembly guides, breather membranes, firrings for roof pitches, window and door aperture linings, and much more.

Proud to present its ideas to the UK and beyond, Outerspace has become one to watch in the industry – elevating buildings from something fit-for-purpose to a stunning build that challenges what we see as the norm.

Its mission is to ‘create a little magic with innovative buildings that enhance the enjoyment of an outside space’. Outerspace carries out every job as though it is the only job it must do – prioritising and nurturing it from beginning to end.

Its blog explores a plethora of subjects related to sustainable living and design through to insights on the moon phases – there’s something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to its subject matter. There to amuse and educate us, Outerspace provides reading material that we love and enjoy.

Outerspace knows that designs are ‘limited only by your imagination’, and it does everything within its power to increase creativity and innovation whilst pushing the boundaries of luxury design. Outerspace’s motivation has brought it such a long way in a short amount of time – from a relatively small, luxury, sustainable outdoor buildings manufacturer – two years ago – to an award-winning luxury business soaring high with success.

Partnering up with a myriad of install companies, Outerspace offers a “turnkey SIP kit design and material procurement service”. Each project will be overseen by a specific and committed account manager that ensures each client can be updated throughout the entire process – the account manager demonstrates their expertise whilst providing the support needed for the client. Not only are the kits delivered on time, without any problems, but they are innovative, complete, and easy to utilise.

With Outerspace you will receive the best of the best from manufacturers, building kits, experienced installers, 3D mock ups, and show buildings. All of the work is done at a fast speed by seasoned professionals and, of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the marketing support and construction of commercial relationships. 

Outerspace has gathered an excellent rating and intricate testimonials that reflect its tireless work in the sustainable building realm. Robert Jones says, “Although aware of SIPs for some time we didn’t fully understand the benefits and also avoided having to introduce a completely new build method to our install teams. Our teams have spent years perfecting what we thought to be the most efficient building method for garden room construction.

“The Outerspace team has integrated into our business and essentially provided us with an offsite department that looks after our design requirements, procurement, and SIP kit production. It has allowed us to spend more time working on our business rather than getting consumed in multiple procurement communications.”

To really focus in on Outerspace’s sustainable mission, Robert shares more about his partnership with Outerspace. He adds, “As a company, we are now able to complete almost twice as many buildings every month with the same number of installers as we could previously, and our customers are now benefiting from a structure which I am reluctant to admit as being a far more premium end product.”

Not only can Outerspace create an easy route for construction, but it can also aid in marketing means that ensure each client gets the most out of their creations. With Outerspace Creative, it is more than possible to have the support needed when it comes to sales activity and marketing – it is guaranteed.

Winning Best Luxury Sustainable Outdoor Buildings Manufacturer 2022 is no small achievement and we are here to celebrate its extravagant work in the sustainable manufacturer sphere. Long may its success continue.