A positive working environment is a must for enhancing productivity. So we’ve rounded up some tips for arranging your home office to stimulate positive energy flow and put the ‘chi’ in achievement using the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has been used in China for over 3,000 years. It involves, simply arranging your space to create balance and stimulate the flow of positive energy, also known as ‘chi’.
Here are 8 easy-to-implement tips for successful home working which will do wonders for your well being.

1. Placing your desk

Achieve what is known as a ‘commanding position’ in your dedicated space. Place your desk, so when seated, you can see the widest part of the room. By being able to see the entrance of your workspace you’ll feel in control and easily see who is coming. If this is awkward or unachievable, a mirror may be of some assistance.

2. Choose the right colours

Your first choice of colour may be to use the companies corporate colours. But beware, as according to Feng Shui, every colour brings a different energy. Use corporate colours sparingly within your workspace, combine them with complimentary calming neutrals or white to help you focus. Use colour on a feature wall (or your zoom wall). You may want to research into which colours mean what in Feng Shui and take it from there.

3. The perfect desk

When choosing your desk opting for the ‘curved’ desk has more likeability than just how it looks. Soft curves are a welcomed alternative to straight harsh lines and when sitting on the inside of the curve, you’ll pull energy towards you.

4. Add plants for growth

Plants in your dedicated workspace can encourage growth in your career, enhance positive energy and for an added bonus, help purify the air! They uplift a mood, bring vitality, life and look pretty awesome too.

5. Organise & de-clutter

Arrange your desk for successful daily working. Keep it simple and clutter-free. This will keep your mind clear, so put time aside each week to de-clutter. Clutter is energy-draining and makes it harder to keep your work area clean.

6. Add a little inspiration

Don’t leave the walls blank or the shelves bare in an extreme attempted at tip 5. Instead, decorate the walls with inspiration that inspire success and prosperity. And don’t forget to inject your own personality into your environment by adding in some items that will make it truly your own personal workspace that you look forward to working in each day.

7. A room with a view

Staring at a blank space can block creativity and make you feel uneasy. On the other hand, a room with a view, for instance, a view of your garden can be soothing – especially with the changing view throughout the seasons. Plus having natural sunlight enter your workspace will be more than welcome.

8. Don’t lose the love for your home

When working from home be in control of when you switch off from work by creating a separate dedicated ‘work area’ that is physically separated from your home. Easily focus and get into your work mindset each day by separating work from your personal life. This will help your mental wellbeing and you’ll easily be able to switch off at the end of each working day and wind down to recharge and be raring to go again the next working day.

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